Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information

Ontario’s 21 universities are present at both the OUF and the Regional Fairs. The OUF takes place over 3 days in Toronto each fall. There, each Ontario university has a booth where you can speak with representatives and gather information, as well as view scheduled presentations.

The Regional Fairs travel across Ontario after the OUF with fair-style events offered at select high schools throughout Ontario on specific days and times.

You can gather the same information from each university at either the OUF or the Regional Fairs. Anyone is welcome to attend either the OUF or the Regional Fairs.

The OUF is held only once each year around the same time in the fall.

If you aren’t able to attend but still want to speak with representatives from Ontario’s universities, you can attend open houses and campus tours at your universities of interest and/or you can attend the Regional Fairs.

Info sessions lengths may vary, but are typically 30-45 minutes.

Unless otherwise indicated by their names, info sessions are about general university/organization information and the same content is presented at each scheduled session. E.g., An info session named “Bus., Ed., Law, Med. & Dent.” is about those specific programs; but an info session named “Western” is about Western University as a whole (programs, campus life, residences, etc. – the content is up to the university).

There will be an on-site lounge with food for sale and a seating area where you can eat, as well as water fountains where water bottles can be re-filled.

A café, convenience store and vending machines are all located within the MTCC and there are also numerous external restaurants within a short distance.

You may leave and return throughout the OUF hours, but you will be re-checked at security when you return. We don’t recommend bringing your own food as bags will be subject to security searches that will delay you at the entrance and may result in items being confiscated.

See the Conditions of Admission and Participation for full details.

Coat and bag check are not available at the OUF. There are no public lockers at the event due to security reasons and those carrying a bag will be subject to inspection.

VIA Rail passengers have access to lockers through VIA Rail. If you are staying at a hotel in Toronto but will arrive before check-in time, most hotels offer a baggage storage area where you can keep your bag until check-in time.

Registration and Admission

There is no cost to attend the OUF or the OURF.

You do not need to register to attend the OUF, but we strongly recommend that you register for an OUF Passport.

The OUF Passport is a barcode that you take to the OUF on your mobile phone or on paper and scan at the university booths or presentation rooms of your choice. It allows you to easily provide your contact information to the universities that you’re interested in so they can send you more information about their programs, events, scholarships and more.

Anyone can register for an OUF Passport, including students, parents and guidance counsellors. Save time and register in advance so you can start visiting university booths as soon as you get to the OUF.

You are free to come and go as you please throughout the OUF weekend. Keep in mind that the universities have presentations scheduled throughout the weekend, so while you may visit their booths at any time during OUF hours, consider planning your visit around the presentations you want to see.

You can attend if you’re thinking about applying to an Ontario university, even if you’re not currently in Grade 12.

The OUF gives you an opportunity to speak with university representatives from across Ontario about programs, campus life and anything else that may help you make a decision about which Ontario university to choose.

Yes, the OUF is open to anyone who is interested in attending an Ontario university.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide invitation letters for the OUF. The OUF is a free, public event, and anyone is welcome to attend; therefore, we do not send out formal invitations.

What Kind Of Information is Available at the OUF?

Each university offers its own scholarships and awards. Speak with university representatives directly about the financial aid options offered at their university.

The OUF provides information primarily about undergraduate programs, so it is a useful resource for gap year students who are interested in those programs.

The OUF provides information primarily about undergraduate programs, so it is a useful resource for mature students who are interested in those programs.

The OUF is geared toward high school students and therefore primarily provides information about undergraduate programs.

However, some universities may choose to also provide information about graduate and/or professional programs. University representatives will usually be able to answer general questions about graduate studies.

Read more information about Ontario professional programs (law, medical, rehabilitation sciences and teacher education).



Wheelchairs are available free-of-charge on a first come, first served basis at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Visit Guest Services located on Level 500 in the South Building.


You are welcome to attend the OUF, as it is open to the public; however, the OUF has strict media and material distribution guidelines. If you are seen taking photos/video at the OUF without prior consent, you may be asked to leave the event.

Contact us for media inquiries.

The OUF does not allow anyone other than registered exhibitors (universities and sponsors) to hand out materials at their booths. If you are found handing out materials to OUF attendees anywhere within the OUF grounds, you will be asked to return them to your vehicles or discard them in the bins provided.

OUF Passport

General Information

You do not need an OUF Passport to attend the OUF; however, it will make the experience easier. If you want to receive information from a university, you can ask a university representative to scan your OUF Passport and move on to the next booth or presentation.

If you don’t have an OUF Passport, you will have to manually share your contact details at each university booth or presentation you want to receive more information from.

Print it out or save it on your mobile device and take it to the OUF with you. If you are interested in getting more information from a university, ask a university representative to scan your OUF Passport at their booth or in their presentation room. The university can then contact you directly.

You can retrieve your barcode by logging in to the OUF Passport registration website.

You can share your contact information with universities you are interested in by asking a university representative to scan your OUF Passport.

Your OUF Passport is only valid at the OUF and cannot be used after the fair. At this time, the OUF Passport system is not set up at the Regional Fairs.

Passport Registration

Yes. However, registering in advance is the best option to ensure you’re ready for the OUF.

You will need to provide your name, contact details and indicate whether you are a high school student, a guidance counsellor, etc.

Date of birth is required, unless you are a parent or guidance counsellor.

There are many reasons to register in advance, including to:

  • Save time and allow you to visit university booths and attend presentations as soon as you’re at the OUF.
  • Avoid any last-minute web traffic on the OUF Passport registration website.
  • Receive a reminder email before the OUF with helpful information to plan your day.

No one will be able to see or access your contact details except the universities you share them with using the OUF Passport.

For more information about OUF Passport privacy, see the Privacy Statement provided as part of your OUF Passport.

Yes, as long as your OUF Passport hasn’t been scanned at any university booths/presentations, you can log in to the OUF Passport registration website to update your contact information.

No. Your OUF Passport will work at all university booths and presentation rooms.

No. The purpose of the OUF Passport is to allow you to easily provide your contact details to the universities that you’re interested in, so they can send you more information. Your parent/guardian does not need to share their contact information with universities unless they are interested in receiving information from the universities too.

You will need to register again this year.

In accordance with our OUF Passport Privacy Policy, we do not keep registration data from one year to the next.

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